Teens are Bored Use Facebook?

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Teenagers bored use FacebookTeenagers who become the benchmark of generation called slang generation, have started leaving Facebook. It is according to report from survey by Albumatic Company.

Albumatic itself is an album application that focus to Facebook users under 25 years old. Adam Ludwin, the creator of this app had done a small survey among teens.

“As a result, they gave me the typical response that essentially teenage ‘We’re tired of using Facebook’,” quoted from the SF Gate, Monday (03/04/2013).

The survey result is much stronger with blog posts from Branch CEO of Facebook Josh Miller that asked his sister, who was 15 years old and found that his sister and her friend have rarely use Facebook.

They spend more time on Instagram and Snapchat. In fact, said Miller, his sister is lazy to access the social networking.

Does the fate of Facebook would be like other social networking sites?