Wow, Google Will Have Its Own Airport

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Google AirportSeems to having a private jet is not enough for a company like Google, the Internet giant is rumored to be having its own airport. Google rumored to be planning to build a private airport in San Jose, California.

Google is one step away to begin the construction. Currently Google is waiting for approval from local authorities to build a private airport in (next) Mineta San Jose International Airport. Funds amounting to USD 82 million were injected by Google for airport construction will be used to build an executive terminal, aircraft maintenance facilities and a broad cross paths for large aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and Boeing 767.

Currently, Google still “parked” its jet at Moffett Federal Airfield military airport. The official of Mineta San Jose airport believes that a new commercial airport will be a “suitable home” for Google’s private jet.

While local authorities give the green light to start construction, the development of this commercial airport with an area of 29 acres will be completed whithin 2 years to be ready to operate.

Another source said, Signature Flight Support, a company that will be given the responsibility to build the ‘airport’ said the market research shows that there is significant demand for private jet facility from Silicon Valley executives.